Honore' has been actively involved in the sport of purebred dogs since the early 1970s, beginning with Afghan Hounds and Salukis.
I obtained my first Italian Greyhound in 1980 with my foundation stock from the Giovanni and Sweetfire Kennels. Since then I have produced many top quality dogs of sound body and mind, including Best In Show, Specialty Best In Show, and Westminster winners. All of my breeding stock is tested and certified yearly for PRA and other genetic health issues.
Additionally I have imported Chinese Cresteds from Moonswift Kennels of Great Britain and have produced Best in Specialty Show Winners.
All dogs live in my home where they are loved as members of my family. While my numbers are small, I feel that the quality of care I provide makes my breeding program the very finest!

Contact Carol Smith: honoreig@aol.com

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